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Mayonnaise.co is an easy guide for the people who are interested to consume, purchase or cook mayonnaise products. Here you will find all the necessary details from buying, using to homemaking and great mayonnaise recipes.

What are the main ingredients in a mayonnaise recipe?

The well known creamy sauce, called mayonnaise, is usually done of egg yolk, oil and lemon juice. The lemon juice can be replaced by vinegar. In Japan, for example, they use apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar.The ingredients of basic mayonnaise recipe
Another common ingredient used especially in French cuisine is mustard.
Mustard use is not agreed by everyone because it can change the basic flavour of mayonnaise recipe.
For example, you will never find mustard into mayonnaise when we talk about Spanish or Italian cuisine.
By adding different types of herbs, mayonnaise can get many different tastes.
Water can be added in mayonnaise in order to increase the capacity of oil emulsification and thus the total quantity of product.
As regards the oil, in Spain and Italy they use olive oil, the Russians sunflower oil and if we talk about the industrial processing, the soybean oil.

How is mayonnaise used in different continents? (parts of the world)

Different sources place the origin of mayonnaise in different periods starting with 1459 to 1823. But one thing is sure. Its origins are from Europe.
Today mayonnaise is widely used all over the world in accordance with the local culinary habits.
– In Europe it is usually associated with potatoes, cold chicken, hard boiled eggs. Guiding lines regarding the percentage of oil and egg yolk were issued by Europeans Federation of the Condiment in order to have a balanced fat content.Preparing mayonnaise using a whisk
– In Latin America the top consumer of mayonnaise is Chile where they associate it also with potatoes or use it in a common local salad.
– North America can be considered the place where the commercial mayonnaise is born since 1907. It is present here in all types of sandwiches, barbecue sauces or added in different types of butter. Learn more about the uses of mayonnaise in the United States of America.
– In Japan mayonnaise is used with salads, some traditional dishes, cooked vegetables, sea foods and even pizza.
– The Russian mayonnaise is prepared with sun- flower oil and has a specific flavour. They used especially as salad dressing. The most popular salad prepared with mayonnaise is the “Russian Salad”.
– In China we cannot find the term of mayonnaise. It can be found under different names such us ”eggs yolk sauce’’ or similar and usually it is flavored.

Is mayonnaise healthy?

If we take into consideration its contain of fats, sugar and artificial ingredients (preservatives, additives) you can think that the commercial mayonnaise is not just a healthy ingredient.
But we have to remember the benefit of its basic ingredients: egg yolk, olive, soybeans or sun- flower oil and lemon juice.
On another hand, the ingredients added to mayonnaise processing are generally recognized as safe.
Anyway, no matter what type of mayonnaise you prefer, the commercial one or the home made one, is recommended to consume it with moderation.
So it depends on each of us if it is healthy or not.

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